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How can being plastic free make a difference? — Can small changes really change anything?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I care about our planet. I care about the environment, about nature and the people who live on this earth. I care about business and education and building a life for our families. I also care about technology and creating cleaner, greener energy to help power the future of our ever growing towns and cities. I care about food and fashion and how we’re going to feed and clothe an ever growing population.

But what are we meant to do about it. How can doing your little bit have a dramatic effect on helping what is essentially a massive list of problems on a global scale?

I believe we can make ethical choices that when combined can have a great effect on the future of our planet.

I thought about this the other night while laying awake in bed. Its been really too hot to sleep of late and my over productive mind just won’t seem to shut down sometimes. Lets try and put some perspective on things with just one simple example;

The use of plastic bottles: filling up landfill and bobbing about in our oceans never to rot away and cause havoc to marine life for a millennium:

In the UK alone we have a population of over 66.5 million people. If we could just influence a meager 1% of those people to stop using lets say… plastic shampoo bottles and switch to a shampoo bar like the ones at that Lush shop that my missis took me to just the other day!

1% works out at 665,000 people. If that many people use typically one bottle a month, over the coarse of a year thats nearly a massive 8 million bottles, that firstly don’t need to be made in the first place therefore saving gallons of raw oil that can be used for something better and then also wont need to enter the waste system. Allowing for the plastic that’s already there to have a better chance of being collected and recycled before the next truck load lands on top of it.

Basically that’s a shit tonne of plastic thats being saved and it’s only based on a 1% amount of the UK population. I’m sure we can do better than that - Imagine 10%, that would be a fuck off mega tonne; a whopping 80 million bottles not needed in a year! And that’s just shampoo - just think of all the other things we use that could easily be re packaged in more biodegradable packaging - like our tee shirts - when we ship them out they are sealed in a plastic looking bag to keep them clean and protected. But we’ve managed to source some bags that are made form cornstarch and are compostable. If I can go on google and easily source these things then why isn't every massive corporate fashion brand, supermarket and factory doing the same thing.

So… you don’t have to be a yogurt weaving hippy or a sandal carving pagan wizard living in an a eco tipi, surviving on a diets of pulses n beans to to give a shit and make a real difference to our planet!

Lets live in a world where we make more and more small and conscious choices based on the impact we have on the world around us and make this world a better place for all of us to live in, way into the future.

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