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Watch how we attach the buttons onto our jeans?

Ever wanted to know how the buttons are fastened onto your jeans? All of ours are done in-house by me!

All of our buttons are made bespoke with an emboss of our Otso logo on them. To attach them you've got to hit a small metal nail into the back of them. But how do we do this without squashing or scratching the logo on the face of the button?

The answer is to use what's called a die stamp. This metal block has a relief or deboss image of the logo in it which you rest the button face down into. You then use a metal rod with a rubber grommet to hold the nail flat and then bish, bash, bosh it with the hammer! Because the logo sits perfectly into the relief it stops it getting damaged - simple really but pretty clever I reckon.

To see our finished jeans click here.

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