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Luxury Organics Come to Otso

Autumn has well and truly arrived. Here at Otso we love the tapestry of red and golden leaves, the cold crisp days and blue sky's. The glowing bonfire embers have smoldered away and the smell of smoke has cleared from the air, but the warmth of friends, family, gingerbread and parkin still adds comfort to our lives.

We're celebrating the release of these colder climes with the release of our new blind embroidered sweaters. The organic cotton is luxurious and warm and paired with our new beanies will keep out those forthcoming winter chills.

Following our mission to be eco conscious with our clothing, our sweaters are "Fair Wear" manufactured, meaning the people who produce them are paid a living wage and work in a safe environment. The factory is also powered by renewable energy.

The sweaters are minimally decorated with a matching navy chest logo which is embroidered locally and a vegan leather hem patch. These patches are hand branded with a hot stamp heated in the open fire on our farm. They are then stitched on by a seamstress here in Holmfirth.

We were excited to get out and do a photoshoot of the new jumpers with Danny Racchi; ex Huddersfield Town player and now barber at Reef Barbers in Holmfirth. We timed the weather well and landed a beautifully crisp autumn day down at Dean Clough in Halifax.

We also had support from Joanne at London fashion label Mona and John who was kind enough to assist me with the photography and style our model for the afternoon.

Its always great to work with like minded individuals and get out and about, making work feel like play and enjoy the process of building the Otso brand.

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