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Otso Autumn Challenge Marsden Moor.jpg

Otso Autumn Hike Challenge


We're excited to invite you to our latest speed hike challenge set on the scenic Marsden Moor. 

All you have to do record your effort on Strava in the hike mode and beat our 70 min time for this 4 mile route.

The first 10 people to do so WIN ether a pair of socks or a neck warmer.  The fastest person by the end of Sept 2021 (NOW EXTENDED TO OCT) also WINS a bonus prize of one of our tees!

Here is an interactive map of the route with some markers. Take note of the marker descriptions for extra info on directions.

Enjoy the fantasic views from the top and take some photos, using the hashtag: otsochallenge and if you think you've beaten the time send us a message and we'll check the Strava Leaderboard.

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